Ox Motorcycles

Logo Design and Branding

About the Project

Ox Motorcycles is a local Custom Build and Classic Motorcycle Repair shop located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


When approached by the three hip and friendly gents at Ox Moto about designing a logo and some possible branding, stationery, and merchandise concepts, I was already revved up and rarin’ to go!

The team sent some reference images and were looking for a simple, and recognizable design that immediately gave a sense of classic automotive and motorcycle logo nostalgia while maintaining a fresh and bold modern appeal.

I approached the first concepts with a mindset of being familiar, primal, tough, and rugged (Ram, Kodiak), but at the same time, with a graphic, hand-drawn, blueprint/schematic/mechanical feel. The designs needed to be simple enough to use with their equipment to incorporate them on their motorcycles.

The team fell in love with the first round of design sketches and we explored and decided on typeface options as the final refinements to the technical illustrations and vector graphics were developed.  As the team has aspirations of growing into a rich community, custom shop, and café, I conceptualized and presented a wide range of alternates as possible icons for their evolving business and products.

The logos and images are currently being used as their primary company/brand logos, as merchandise, and as designs directly integrated into physical motorcycle builds through metal engraving and etching, decals, etc. and we hope to build a long-term creative partnership as the future unfolds.

I had a blast working with these guys and you can check out our and their work over on Ox Motorcylces’ Instagram @oxmotorcycles

Exploded Honda Technical Illustration
Initial Concept Sketches
One of the Final Ox Motorcycle Logos
Exploded Honda Motorcycle Technical Illustration
Alternate Final Logo Design