The bioluminescent, tortoise-sized Turtley Bug wanders the Swamps, Marshlands, Meadows, and Jungles of The Gonga Lands foraging for the sweet syrups, honeys, and nectars of the local flora and fauna. When threatened, it retreats into it’s protective shell.

This image was one of 31 Daily Ink Drawings for the #Inktober2016 Challenge. 

All 31 Inktober 2016 Drawings are available for digital download via my Patreon (Diamond Chest Tier).

This Cute and Creative Original Traditional Fantasy Ink Drawing comes printed on a rich, velvety, matte finish Cardstock.

All prints come with the Artist’s signature (Mat André) included on the print, and autographed personally on the back of each print.

Perfect for a creative space, bedroom, dorm, and as a unique gift for that werewolf, pinup, furry, or horror fan.

8.5″x11″ Fine Art Print.

Websites and/or Watermarks in product images not present on the physical prints.

Art – © Mat André 2017. All Rights Reserved. This product, image, and illustration may not be reprinted, redistributed, or resold.

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Dimensions 17.5 × 11.5 × 1 in


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