This Pin Adds +5HP – Stat Booster Acrylic Pin ~ 1″


Original Pin Design


Mat André

Acrylic Pin

 ~ 1″


Need a boost? Pin this sucker onto your daily outfit, armour, or another item of your choice to add an extra +5HP to your adventure stats!

This cute and colourful 100% Original Stat Booster pin is printed on thick, clear acrylic plastic and features a rubber pin cover on the back to ensure safe and secure pinning while on display and quick and easy removal should you need to move your pin to show it off elsewhere…

This vibrant acrylic pin is the perfect addition for your pin or button collection, to poke onto a knapsack, laptop bag, or jacket, or as an original gift you won’t find at Big Retail. 😉

1.06″ x 1.75″ Clear acrylic art pin.

Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Websites and/or Watermarks in product images not present on the physical prints or products.

Each and every product is personally designed, produced, packaged, shipped, and infused with positive energy and good vibes by artist/designer and certified Reiki practitioner Mat André.

Art – © Mat André 2022. All Rights Reserved. This product, image, illustration, or material(s)–digital or physical–may not be reprinted, redistributed, or resold.

Additional information

Dimensions 17.5 × 11.5 × 1 in


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