All Single Commissions Include:

• One (1) Final Hi-Res artwork(s) – 11″x17″ 300dpi (or whatever dimensions you’d like – please let me know if you have another size in mind) in .PNG and/or .JPEG format.

• A Sketch/Feedback/Revision phase – I’ll send a sketch of your artwork(s) for your approval and any feedback/requests/revisions you may like me to make when finalizing the piece(s); up to 5 small changes, and/or 1-2 major changes are included.

• FREE Email, text, or direct message online consultation and follow-up.

• FREE automatic subscription to my email newsletter.

• Referral program – Refer a friend to purchase a commission, sign-up for Patreon, or buy from my online shop at and you both get 10% off your next commission or shop purchase!

• Patreon Bonuses! If you sign up for Patreon, depending on the Treasure Chest rewards tier you choose, you can receive up to 50% off all future commissions and shop purchases as well as a bunch of other bonuses, benefits, and perks!



*Full amount, upfront–unless we have an arrangement*

E-transfer (Preferred)
If using e-transfer please ensure you send me the Answer to the Security Question and/or enter the Question as: “Swords and” and the Answer as: “Sorcery” (Without quotations).

– OR –

PayPal or

— OR —

Credit Card
(You can pay directly and securely online through the link/invoice I will send you.)

— OR —

Google Pay
(You can pay directly and securely online through the link/invoice I will send you.)

— OR —

(In-Person Only)

*If you need the commission payments broken up, or would like to start with just a sketch first, we can do 50% upfront as a non-refundable Sketch Deposit and the remainder once the initial sketch is approved, or in some larger commission/project cases, 1/3 upfront, 1/3 upon sketch approval, and 1/3 upon completion. Alternative payment arrangements are at my reasonable and respectful discretion. A minimum of 1/3 (33%) of the total commission price is required upfront for ALL commissions. All sketch deposits/milestone payments are considered non-refundable. No exceptions.

***Work on the commission will not begin until payment is received.***



1. Project/Price Breakdown — Once I have a good understanding of the commission, I’ll send you a price breakdown for what the full commission will cost, based on your description. When we agree on the commission details and price, I’ll send an invoice with links for payment via e-Transfer, PayPal, or Credit Card.
2. Payment and Booking Your Commission — As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll book your commission slot! I’ll let you know the approximate start date and get in touch the week I begin to make sure we’re on track.
3. Sketch(es) and Feedback — When I’ve sketched out your piece(s) I’ll send them to you for your feedback and approval; changes/revisions may be made at this time; Typically up to 5 small/minor revisions, 1-2 major changes, if necessary.*
○ Any revisions requested beyond this number/phase, or per our agreement, will be made at my discretion and may require additional fees which we will discuss upfront; all additional fees must be paid before any sketches/revisions, etc. are made. Additional revisions are typically charged as a flat fee or at a rate of $50/hr.
○ Additional sketches, concepts, thumbnails, and/or revisions can be purchased seperately as “add-ons” at the beginning or during the commission process if you’d like.
4. Revisions and Finishing the Commission — Once approved, we’ll move forward with details/rendering/finalizing and with any tweaks/revisions you’ve requested. Major or multiple revisions may require additional feedback/approval stages to ensure we are still on track.
5. Final Artwork Delivered — We’re done! 🙂 When I receive your final approval on the completed works (and any remaining balances are paid) I will send over the final artworks/deliverables via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or otherwise, depending on file/project size.
6. Follow-up — I’ll follow up with you in a few weeks time to make sure all is well with your commissioned piece and to address any questions/issues that may have come up since we’ve finished the project, but feel free to reach out to me at any time before, during, or after we work on your project — I’m happy to help with whatever I can!

ALL images, including final deliverables, are subject to a visible, digital Mat André Multimedia watermark until all remaining balances, if any, are paid in full.

Contracts, Letters of Agreement, additional WIPs, process shots/videos and other deliverables/documents available upon request before beginning work on the commission. Additional fees may apply for all creative requests.



— You agree to be 18 years or older, or of legal age in your country to purchase and view adult/mature/NSFW/lewd content!

— I have the right to upload my art work to any/all of my digital/online gallery(s), websites, social media, newsletters, as well as art submissions, contests, etc. – unless previously discussed with the commissioner; this would be considered a private commission; due to this fact, private commission requests may cost extra – I need some incentive to keep all those secrets! 😉

— Unless agreed upon and/or purchased seperately, I retain all copyrights to the commissioned artwork, and any and all sketches, studies, WIPs, etc produced by me – directly or indirectly related to the commission. If you’d like to purchase limited usage rights (e.g. You want to make 15 bowling shirts for you and your team using the art) or exclusive rights (you want to own the artwork completely and be able to do whatever you want with it forever) to any artworks, terms must be discussed, priced, and purchased on an individual basis. Any transfer of rights, limited or exclusive, MUST be made IN WRITING and/or purchased BEFORE any transfer of rights happen.

— Typically, I will NOT do commission work solely in another artist’s style. I am flexible and I will try to incorporate specific inspirations/references/stylistic choices if I can, but please remember you are commissioning me for my work and aesthetic style – feel free to ask if there is ever any question, but my Galleries and social media art pages — Instagram, Facebook etc — are a good indication of the styles I tend to create in… If you are unsure if my art style will match what you have in mind, consider purchasing a Sketch Commission first; if you’d like to go ahead from there, I will happily take the price of the sketch off the total commission price.

— Generally, I will accept commissions for popular characters and fanart if requested (MARVEL, Disney, Video Games etc), however, as a general rule, if you are commissioning me for a character that is not your own (eg. it’s an OC of another artist on social media, from an indie or webcomic, etc), whether for your own personal use, or for a gift for someone else, you MUST have WRITTEN permission from the owner/creator of the character. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Have this permission. Even if is a comment/in their ref description saying others are allowed to commission art of their character(s) — this is so incredibly helpful for ALL artists! If you are unsure if you need permission, chances are you should probably ask first just in case! )

— I will usually work on the first to last commission slots, but sometimes I complete the “easy”/”rush” ones first. I can’t always work on one commission at a time.

— Please be patient. Commissions take a lot of time, research, planning, problem solving, and exploration. I am often working with several clients at once and commissions are only a small part of my personal and professional puzzle; I have many other projects and things going on outside of commissioned artworks; my personal works, music, passions, and projects, social networking and promotion, family, pet, and social time, rest and recovery, and generally taking care of the many other moving parts of life –shoveling snow, going grocery shopping, shoveling snow, doing the dishes, …shoveling snow…– are also big factors that can affect commission times. I will always do my best to get your commission to you as soon as possible and in time for any pre-discussed deadlines, but your patience and gracious understanding is always greatly appreciated.

— I will NOT draw/accept commissions involving: Scat, Sexualized Vomit/Vore, Inflation/Hyper, or Child pornography. All other subject matter/fetishes/themes are at MY discretion. If you’re not sure, PLEASE ASK privately via note/pm/dm/or email.

— I reserve the right to refuse/refund a commission for ANY reason.

If you have ANY questions regarding the above, or any Terms and Conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.



— Respectful behaviour is expected of myself, my followers, and anyone commissioning art from me. If I notice disruptive behavior on behalf of the commissioner before or during the commission progress, such as spamming my site page/comment sections, excessive notes/dm’s, and other rude gestures (such as offensive language directed at me, my followers etc.) your commission will be cancelled, and all work on your art will stop immediately. In some cases I may issue a “warning” and/or refund you HALF of the commission price, but this is completely circumstantial and up my MY discretion.
Please remember, as mentioned above, my time and energy is important, and other clients are commissioning me too, therefore, any negative/harrassing behaviour – and any time needed to address it – is wasting all of our valuable time and will NOT be tolerated. Failure to comply with these rules/code of conduct will have you blacklisted — meaning I will no longer allow you to commission me, and, if applicable and deemed necessary, you will be unfollowed/removed/blocked from any social media platforms we may be connected on and/or reported to site administrators.



— LATE POLICY: For orders with no pre-set or preferred deadline, if the commission takes more then 3-4 months AFTER I’ve told you I have started your commission, I will draw the commissioner a free, flat color badge of the same (or equivalently detailed)character/creature/etc. as compensation.

— DEADLINES AND RUSH JOBS: If you need your commission in under 2 weeks or less, it is considered a “Rush” job, if you require it in 1 week or less, it is considered “Urgent”; I will do my best to accomodate thses kinds of jobs, but requesting commissions deadlines within these time frames, especially particularly detailed/conceptual designs may result in an additional rush/urgent fee –based on the project complexity and deadline. Additional sketches, revisions, etc, may be charged accordingly as well.



— If for whatever reason you wish be refunded, and I have not made any progress whatsoever, you may be refunded in full; if, however, I have begun work on the commission, sketched or lined the picture already etc., as a precaution to avoid any complications, you may be refunded half (50%) of your money back.

— Any sketch/preliminary and/or milestone deposits or payments for larger commissions or projects, or as part of a pre-arranged payment plan are considered non-refundable.

— Any money I retain from a cancelled/refunded commission is for the time I spent on the commission. No exceptions.


Try Out My Quick and Easy Commission Brief Form!

Having trouble putting your idea into words or just want an easy way to start the conversation? Feel free to fill out my quick and simple Commission Brief! My completely obligation free Commission Brief form is designed to help get the ball rolling, the creative juices flowing, and to help gain a better understanding of your commission right off the top –as well as help answer some of the most common questions that arise with most commissions. There’s plenty of opportunity to explain your commission in as much (or as little) detail as you’d like, and most of the form and fields are optional, so if there are answers you haven’t thought about or don’t apply, you can just skip right over them!

Once you fill out and submit the form, I’ll review it and get back to you with any thoughts, questions, and whenever possible, an estimated breakdown of what your proposed commission will cost. It’s quick and easy — Check it out here!